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Ojo Rojo’s venture began in a street food eatery in Mexico, the bustling bars, and fresh, vivacious food ignited their big idea, simply to ‘bottle’ the pure essence of Mexico and bring it back to the UK, unleashing it in a beautifully intimate and unique venue. Their ambition was to revolutionise the well-known taco, while educating people about the deep-rooted Mexican culture. They were passionate that everyone that came into contact with them would feel refreshed.

Ojo Rojo Animation



The seed of adventure had been planted, inspired by the founder’s story, we listened to their experiences and built on their core values. We then used them strategically to drive our craftsmanship, creating desire, anticipation and ultimately the birth of the Ojo Rojo identity and brand positioning, encapsulating authenticity, longevity and above all, originality.



The crafting of the Ojo Rojo identity, positioning and brand story is amplified through beautifully illustrated elements that are taken from the original journey that inspired Ojo Rojo. We wanted it to be an experience, drawing from the deep-rooted culture of Mexico, showcasing the fearless individual flair, which will make it impossible to stumble upon anything else like it in the UK.

Working with RT to build our brand could not have been simpler or more enjoyable. We knew what we wanted, but needed help pulling the right questions out and formalising our desired end goal. RT managed this with friendly, fun workshops and professional client briefings. We are so happy with the end result and could not have reached the final brand personality without their input and creative thinking. It far exceeds anything we thought we would end up with.

– Trevor Hill, El Capitán de la Creatividad, Ojo Rojo


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