Case study: Simplyhealth

New proposition development


Simplyhealth is a mutual health organisation with its roots in hospital funds that helped people save for their medical care. Over time, they have evolved to provide people with a variety of means to pay for health, dental and pet care while still holding their core values close. The organisation was looking to diversify their offering with a strong desire to launch new products and services into the market.

What we did

We identified that an investment into new propositions and ideas was crucial for sustaining the business, as well as parallel organic growth of existing revenue streams. We presented Simplyhealth with a bold ideation strategy and programme to launch the business into a new way of thinking about innovation, idea and proposition development.


  • 100% attendance from employees and stakeholders throughout the programme
  • 100% of programme attendees would recommend our ideation development programme to a colleague
  • 84% of programme attendees rated our facilitation and value as “great” and “excellent”
  • 4 new propositions are currently being developed, ready for nationwide launch
  • 35 potential propositions are ready to be prototyped and tested
  • 90 employees completed Level 1 of our ideation programme, creating over 284 ideas and concepts

What we delivered

  • New ideation strategy
  • Nationwide facilitated programme for proposition development
  • Future proposition development validation structure

How we did it

Realising the unharnessed potential within the Simplyhealth community, our approach was a series of structured and facilitated sessions that provided a springboard towards a longer journey
 of discovery and innovation.

With a selection of experienced ideation facilitators, we developed a series of workshops that nurtured an entrepreneurial mindset, realigned employees with Simplyhealth’s goals, and built optimism and enthusiasm around their innovative contributions.

Over the programme, we realigned employees with Simplyhealth’s wider company ambitions and generated a genuine excitement about the company’s future.

With employees engaged in a new mindset and excited about future proposition development, we identified the need to develop a robust infrastructure for Simplyhealth to continue innovating.

We then introduced a series of filtration criteria working with Simplyhealth stakeholders to allow proposals to be analysed, so ideas can grow into fully-fledged business propositions.

These processes firmly cemented the entrepreneurial ethos within Simplyhealth and its employees, giving them the architecture to develop innovation to its greatest potential.

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