Case study: MiPet Cover

Insurance designed by vets


CVS Group is largest provider of veterinary services in the UK, with more than 400 practices across the country. Pet insurance was a service customers would often ask for in practice. But, without an offering, staff were only able to recommend clients to other competitors in the market. Whether its preventative care or pet food and nutrition, it’s CVS Group’s mission to provide “complete care” for their clients. This includes providing lifelong cover for pets, with pet insurance enhancing this offering.

What we did

We worked side by side with their vets and veterinary professionals over the course of the project. Our aim was to equip them with one thing: the best cover for their clients’ pets. Their contribution and devotion throughout the process was instrumental in creating MiPet Cover, and we made sure this was reflected in the brand story, strapline and core messaging. The result is a compelling brand proposition told by the people that know pets best. MiPet Cover is here to ensure your furry family members enjoy the healthiest, longest and happiest lives possible.

What we delivered

  • Brand proposition development
  • Brand strategy creation
  • Brand identity creation
  • Prototype and pilot validation programme
  • Brand communications toolkit and roll-out assets
  • Website creation

How we did it

The early stages of the project were focused on research and delving into CVS’ past, present and future ambitions. We conducted in-depth reviews to learn about the current portfolio of brands and what positive equity could be used in a new offering. We also hosted a series of interviews and insight sessions with stakeholders, including the CEO and CFO to learn about the organisation. We coordinated a nationwide survey for existing customers and staff to learn about their current perceptions of the business and the audience’s needs when it came to pet care. The most crucial activity, however, was our insights workshop with CVS practice staff, insurance experts and project stakeholders.

The techniques involved in this process were specifically designed to extract new ideas from some of the most valuable people in the organisation, and map out what launch success looks like. The intent was not to face the problem head on and try to solve it, but to construct an environment that collects those unheard gems lost in long decision-making processes, and incubate them.

From the brand’s purpose right through to its values and personality, we distilled the proposition into a brand strategy. This acted as a robust framework that ensured the brand existed to provide clients with access to exceptional pet care. It also highlighted the urgency of engaging staff to ensure the success of the proposition. Without the belief and confidence of veterinary professionals, there would be no voice for the brand.

After creative development, three differing concepts were prototyped with a few dozen CVS practice staff. We learned through a series of surveys and interviews that a “family-centric” approach would be more appealing to clients than an owner- or pet-centric approach. This included gearing the photography more towards families, family activities, and speaking directly to this demographic as an audience.

We took the brand to three practices in the North, Midlands and South next, after evolving the emerging identity. Simulating a customer experience for clients, we applied the brand to a number of roll-out assets including posters, leaflets and a “get an instant quote” iPad terminal to inform our final brand and campaign styling. After interviewing highly engaged customers on their thoughts of the brand experience, we were able to develop the final visual identity and brand guidelines for launch.

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