Ojo Rojo

Brand creation and development for extraordinary new bar and restaurant

RT and Ojo Rojo: Feed your spirit.

“Working with RT to build our brand could not have been simpler or more enjoyable. We knew what we wanted, but needed help pulling the right questions out and formalising our desired end goal. RT managed this with friendly, fun workshops and professional client briefings. We are so happy with the end result and could not have reached the final brand personality without their creative thinking. It far exceeds anything we thought we would end up with.”

– Trevor Hill, El Capitán de la Creatividad, Ojo Rojo


Ojo Rojo’s venture began in a street food eatery in Mexico. The bustling bars and fresh, vivacious food ignited the ‘big idea’, to simply bottle the pure essence of Mexico and bring it back to the UK in a unique and intimate venue. The founders’ ambition was to revolutionise well-known Mexican dishes – such as the taco – and introduce them a UK audience.

What we did

Ojo Rojo opened its doors on the UK’s south coast with an authentic and compelling brand identity. From the way staff introduced customers at the door right down to every tiny detail of the décor, we constructed an intricate brand experience with the founders’ vision and values at the heart of it.

What we delivered

Brand strategy creation
Brand identity creation
Brand communications toolkit and assets
Website creation

How we did it

The brand story was hidden in the dozens of little anecdotes and adventures the founders told us while we were still getting a flavour for the brand. They just need us to unearth it. We listened to their unique personal experiences in Central America and used this as our narrative to develop the brand’s core values.

These details were the complete spirit of the brand. The crafting of the Ojo Rojo identity, positioning and brand story was then amplified through beautifully illustrated elements taken from the original journey which inspired the brand. We wanted it to be an experience, drawing from the vibrant culture of Mexico, and showcasing the fearless individual flair. Customers will not find anything else like it in the UK.


7-figure turnover in year one.
Expansion into multiple sites in 2018.
Shortlisted for Best Visual Identity for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2017.

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