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In an already saturated market, Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv needed to showcase themselves as strategic partners and key players within the public cloud sector. Coupled with the challenge of their the impending brand transition from Thomson Reuters to Refinitv, the marketing campaign needed to appropriately position and promote the organisation’s presence as a key player within the cloud marketplace, as well as communicate the message that their data products are available via the cloud with a platform flexible approach.

The launch of their multi-channel connected content campaign was spearheaded by a survey and report, before being partnered with a 6 month executional strategy, digital creative assets and C-suite exclusive content.

What we did

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Development, Campaign Planning, Campaign Development, Campaign Management, Asset Development and Production.

How we did it

Working collaboratively with our client through a series of face to face creative and campaign planning workshops, we worked on a unique message which could encapsulate their public cloud offering. Central to this idea was the ability for the campaign to present Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv as a key player within the marketplace and as a trusted advisor who could guide and assist clients through their public cloud adoption.

Using this newly gathered insight we developed an impactful campaign messaging framework, visual identity and integrated campaign plan. This strategic plan was designed to continue working on an annual basis, continuously being refreshed and replenished as further insights were harvested.

In addition to a full campaign identity, we also delivered end-to-end campaign management alongside digital and creative asset production for Thomson Reuters. This included a benchmarking landing page, the commissioning and design of a comprehensive research report and a suite of campaign supporting assets.


  • Over 180 leads generated
  • Email campaign open rates 134% above benchmarking average
  • 20% organic visit to download conversion rate
  • Social reach in excess of 2,100,000 visitors
  • Social mentions by Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM
  • 150,000 video views on Twitter