Progressive profiling.

Capturing customer information is crucial for marketers but there has always been a tipping point between requesting too much information and customer abandonment. This is no different for Thomson Reuters who rely on gaining this crucial information to drive their highly targeted global campaigns. In an effort to increase conversion rates and minimize lead dropouts, Thomson Reuters turned to us as their Eloqua partner to explore ways for them to use their current system more efficiently.

What we accomplished.

End-to-end Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, Email Marketing Automation Support, Eloqua Templates and Landing Pages, Client Training Package, Lead Management and Nurturing Training

How we did it.

Working with Thomson Reuters Marketing Operations team our role was to combat abandonment rates on Eloqua pages by developing a bespoke Progressive Profiling solution that would be rolled out globally.

Progressive profiling allows forms to collect different data each time a user visits a site page. This is done by dynamically displaying different sets of fields each time a user returns to the site, gently gathering new valuable content.


Better customer lead scoring.
Higher conversion rates.
Longer user page visits.
Intelligent customer insights.
Reduced number of lead dropouts.
Shortened customer sales cycles.

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