DLP and data classification.

Vodafone operate in 26 countries and have almost 444 million customers across the world. As a result, ensuring that employees adhere to data compliance is integral to their business.

With the internal rollout of new data classification and data loss protection (DLP) guidelines, Vodafone needed a way to internally distribute key information in a calming, reassuring and accessible manner, whilst also considering both office-based and remote employees.

What we did.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Development, Internal Brand Roll-out, End-to-end Customer Experience (CX), Campaign Development, Internal Communications Strategy.

How we did it.

We delivered an integrated communications strategy designed to highlight the ongoing need for data privacy and the importance of new data classification and loss protection guidelines.

The focus of the campaign was to reassure employees that they had nothing to worry about and that Vodafone was there to support them. To acheive their aims, we suggested the use of a device which was familiar to Vodafone’s employees – their friendly graphical ghost – ‘Ghostie’.

Through the Vodafone internal communications campaign, we elevated their ‘Ghostie’ graphic and used it as a security risk mascot which could remind employees how to keep data safe. Using an existing and familiar brand identity also allowed us to communicate DLP and data classification messages in a simple, light-hearted tone whilst encouraging a positive attitude and culture towards compliance procedures.